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Write to Remember offer the following as courses or workshops, and one to one support. Don't forget to scroll down for links to our blog & podcast:


  • Life-writing - Suitable for beginners or more seasoned writers, we cover different aspects of creative non-fiction and memoir including what to put in/leave out, where to start, structuring the chapter, titles, editing and publishing, curating a collection.

  • Creative journalling - These are fun, interactive sessions delving into the craft, positive mental health benefits of keeping a journal. 

  • Zine Workshop - a great way of continuing from the collaging aspect of creative journalling, and for putting creativity and voice together, for well-being (positive mental health, physical health issues and gender/sexuality), activism (feminism, ecology and disability), obsession (vampires, humour, rabbits, and furbies! etc), nature (trees, foraging, herbs and landscape) and micro-fiction (poetry and flash fiction stories). I love zines because of their dissenting subjects; true freedom of speech. And I love the vast array of subject matter; there’s something out there that everyone has something to say about. And that anything goes (there's no wrong way).    2 hours with a break

  • Poetry for Fearties - a great way to gain confidence in writing poetry, we use several methods including Dada, blackout, self-penning and Haiku.

  • Memory Web-Weaving - a reminiscent workshop with a difference, literally connecting each person's memory to create a unique temporary piece of art. This involves oral rather than written reminiscence. 

  • Why not get us to host a workshop or course for your social group? We can tailor the content to your needs; all workshop sessions are supportive and non-judgmental. Available in-person and online via Zoom. Please email us for details and costs.​

  • 1:1 sessions - book either Sarah or Andrew for a coaching session to help you knead your writing into shape; a life-writing masterclass via Zoom, WhatsApp or in person.

  • Editing and proofreading - once you’ve finished the draft of your memoir/autobiography, let us shape it into a professional-looking piece of writing. We can do this for writing of any genre, for example, business letters, websites, essays and short stories. Drop us an email for more details and cost. 

  • Publishing - we have done the legwork so you don't have to. As a result, we are able to offer two options when it comes to publishing. Whether you are looking to give a few copies of your book to family and friends in pamphlet form or have ambitions to reach a much wider audience with weighty, leather-bound tomes, we can provide a solution. We are delighted to work with Jason and the team at Ralph Allen Press and Douglas and the team at the Self Publishing Partnership, both are independent small businesses based in Bath and both offer exceptional service and value for money.


Written by Write to Remember's Andrew, this blog is chock full of additional creative insights, straight from the artist's pen.

Push the button for inventive and original (OK and some upcycled) ideas.


Barfly Podcast

Virtual and in-person chats with folk from around the world and round the corner, Barfly explores the stories that connect, inspire and amaze us. 

Hosted by Write to Remember's Sarah, these conversations are inspired by the things she would hear as a barmaid back in the last century.

The humble pub setting is one which Sarah is still fond of, and she still talks to anyone.

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