We always welcome feedback and are continually learning from our clients.


Here are just a few of the things people have said:

"It was a lovely course with so much well thought out and stimulating content and you were very warm, lively and encouraging to everyone."

"I really enjoyed the course and have already been recommending it to friends...Thank you for your hard work and patience during it - it must be very different teaching online compared to in person. I was in awe of how you managed to stay cheerful and keep up the positive tone, while giving really helpful constructive criticism." 

"Such a warm, welcoming and inspiring atmosphere."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course - great teaching! Very engaging -

lovely group of people."

"It has encouraged me to continue writing."

"Excellent. Inspirational. Learned new skills in writing, which can be useful in other subjects. Also have a new desire to write more."

"Enjoyed the course very much, mixing with other people, like fellow writers, learning from the tutor."

Sharing some incredible life stories 10-week course, Edinburgh. Autumn 2019

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