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Here is just some of the feedback we have received from our workshops:

'The course was absolutely wonderful and useful. The fee was very reasonable and very good value. The booklet also great! Thank you very much for everything. I loved it and was so inspired that I wrote 3 pages the next day.'

'Loved the booklet. It was informative and well written without being overwhelming. It has inspired me to step up my Law of Attraction  journalling, dig out my vision board, give it a refresh and start a general journal of thoughts, feelings, hopes and  dreams.'

'I did find the workshop informative and useful. It was good to meet Andrew. I think it was actually seeing the examples from his journalling which helped me most.'

'Amazing value, really good fun and I am now looking for things to put in my journal all the time!'

'Of course, it was your class which set me off. I'd never have thought of doing a memoir off my own bat, so thanks for the inspiration and for all the tips.'

'I had an incredibly positive experience.'

'I think the course was good value for money in that there was a lot of content and time offered and an individual tutoring session.'


'I thought [the course] was fantastic... I would be very interested in a follow-up session, or even a follow-up course.'

'I really enjoyed the course and have already been recommending it to friends...Thank you for your hard work and patience during it - it must be very different teaching online compared to in person. I was in awe of how you managed to stay cheerful and keep up the positive tone while giving really helpful constructive criticism.' 

'Excellent. Inspirational. Learned new skills in writing, which can be useful in other subjects. Also, I have a new desire to write more.'

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