What is Creative Journalling?

A creative journal is where you can record the events, thoughts, feelings and other issues of daily life. A place to vent, a place to celebrate, a place to work through the maze of life, a friend, a confidant. It is also a place for you to reflect on how you have felt about or reacted to a situation, to learn from it and use what you have learned. Creative journals become a journey of self-discoery and improvement as you declutter your mind from negative thoughts and create a positive mindset. Creative journalling encourages you to be more observant of the world around you and to think about what you are grateful for, what makes you happy and to set goals for the future. Many journal writers find that they begin to focus on the positive aspects of life and plan more for the future, even though they may have begun their journal at a time when things were not so good. As you journal you will start to understand much more about yourself, for example, situations that make you uncomfortable; character traits that annoy you and how you see yourself.

Your journal can be the companion that supports but doesn't judge, a place of discovery and a creative playground where there are no rules.

Our workshops and courses investigate different styles of journalling, the mental health benefits of keeping a journal and are designed to be as hands-on as possible. They are suitable for those who are thinking of starting a journal or those who have been journalling for years. Our aim is to inspire, inform and share ideas. While we are confined to online versions we ensure they are live and interactive with participation from all that attend. Group numbers are kept to a minimum to ensure everyone is involved in a safe, non-judgmental environment that is open to all.



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Getting creative at a workshop, February 2020

Here is some of the feedback we have received from our recent online workshops:

'The course was absolutely wonderful and useful...The fee was very reasonable and very good value. The booklet also great! Thank you very much for everything. I loved it and was so inspired that I wrote 3 pages the next day.'

'Loved the booklet. It was informative and well written without being overwhelming. It has inspired me to step up my Law of Attraction  journalling, dig out my vision board, give it a refresh and start a general journal of thoughts, feelings, hopes and  dreams.'

'I did find the workshop informative and useful. It was good to “meet” Andrew... I think it was actually seeing the examples from his journalling which helped me most.'