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Sarah and Andrew first met at a quirky bistro in downtown Cardiff, sometime in the 1990s. They soon realised they shared incurable enthusiasm and genuine interest in people’s life stories and a friendship was formed. As so often happens, they lost touch when both ex-patriated from their native Wales and their lives took them on different paths.

Fast forward 25 years, and via a series of adventures and misadventures, they reunited and now work together with their complementary skills as Write to Remember to support, guide and inspire creative writing, creative journalling and poetry.

Sarah Howells


Sarah hosts workshops in Scotland, North East England and online. She holds a BA (Hons) in Communication, an MLitt in Creative Writing and is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing.

As an Edinburgh-based, neuro-divergent, published writer, Sarah has been teaching creative writing to adults in Scotland since 2011. Human Library Book since 2019, she regularly hosts inclusive, non-judgmental dialogue on a global stage.

Sarah habitually journals which she finds beneficial for maintaining clarity, organisation and positive mental health, alongside walking, swimming and yoga practice. She's an experimental cook and particularly loves the food of the Far East, where she spent five years living and working.

Her passion is to encourage students to find their voice and trust their narrative, so they can best tell their stories.


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Andrew hosts workshops in the East of England, London and online. He has a BA (Hons) in Education and has studied Fine Art, Applied Art and Art History as well as, more recently, gaining qualifications in Counselling. 

Based in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, Andrew is a writer, teacher, artist and full-time single dad. He has been an avid diarist and journal-keeper from a very young age and is keen to advocate how beneficial this can be for mental health. He is passionate about creating and using art as a means of communication, particularly in the context of creative non-fiction and is committed to helping others recognise their artistic abilities and how valuable they are to wellbeing. 


In his free moments, Andrew spends his time exploring the east of England and collecting old vinyl with his son.

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Andrew Williams


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Our vision is to enable your creativity, through fiction, poetry, and life stories. To help you document incredible experiences and social history through your eyes, within a fun, supportive and inclusive environment.

Write to Remember focusses on the craft and development of creative writing within a non-judgmental environment. We help writers hone their skills and confidence, engaging with their stories and enabling them to share with others if they choose.


The process of writing and externalising experiences on to the page can be empowering and cathartic; we understand, however, that some memories may be painful and we do urge our writers to seek suitable professional help if this is the case.

Some of the creative organisations we are proud to work with:

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