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How can you provide wellbeing in your workplace?



Creative Journalling Workshop

A fun, informative and engaging workshop to establish the beneficial practice of keeping a journal. As a company, you are keen to provide a socially valuable experience for your staff wellbeing and this workshop offers a way to do just that; creative journalling workshops support, empower and re-vitalise your staff. The exercises help staff re-connect with each other, get playful with ideas and create their own individual approach to journalling.

Rooted in the work of Julia Cameron, James Pennebaker, Greg McKeown, Charles Duhigg, Stephen J. Lepore and Melanie A. Greenberg (among others, we continually research), this workshop is based on psychological findings, scientific principles and evidence-based research, in summary, because writing a journal organises cognition, articulates intuition and regulates emotion.

We encourage a cherry-picking of established methods to enable students grow and develop a journalling practice in a way that suits them best as individuals. Furthermore, this means they are more likely to continue journalling, and thus reap the positive benefits.

Interrelated benefits include:

· Reflection, focus and considering the bigger picture for work tasks

· De-cluttering minds by externalising concerns

· Increased productivity and motivation by helping with goal-setting

· Learning to listen to and trust our inner narrative

· Increased confidence and self-esteem

· Recognising patterns (improved self-knowledge)

· Having a non-judgmental companion/space in which to explore our creative playground and express negative thoughts (stress management)

· Space for gratitude, which bolsters a more positive outlook

· Creation of a personal legacy (possibly for future life-writing)

Topics covered in the workshop:

· Why keep a journal? (the positive benefits of journal-writing)

· Different types of journalling

· Creating your own style of journalling 

· Art alternatives (visual expression) 

· When to journal and how often

· Using writing prompts

· Combining journalling with gentle exercise

· What happens at the end of the journal?

The desired outcome from this workshop is for participants to feel enthused, empowered and excited about embarking on their journalling voyage, motivated to use the pages in a suitably (playful or serious) creative way, and benefit from improved mental health benefits, almost by stealth.

At previous workshops we have witnessed students reconnect with their younger selves, with long-forgotten creative skills and seen the relief for some when they give themselves permission to do this.

The workshop is 2 hours in duration and we provide materials (including A5 hardback journals) and a comprehensive booklet for each participant.

For more information and pricing, please drop us an email.

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