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Sarah has been interviewing some creative and inspirational people, asking them to share some of their experiences during lockdown.


Simon Bowler                     WARNING! Simon's interview contains some strong language.

Simon Bowler has written, produced and directed many documentaries and ‘reality’ television shows in the UK and USA as well as being an award-winning screenwriter. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California where he is a playwright (with a special interest in historical situations which resonate in contemporary times) for Broadway and independent theatre festivals, and a landscape and photojournalism photographer.



Click on the icon to see Sarah's interview with Simon. 

Georgia Cook

Georgia Cook’s mixed media and abstract work draws inspiration from her Maori heritage to make connections across time and cultures with the Arts & Crafts print movement, Japanese hand-made paper, and Indian and North African techniques. Coupled with a deep affinity with the natural world, her work explores a continuing visual narrative with familiar and wider landscapes, creating a global Kōwhaiwhai for the modern age.

She has exhibited in New Zealand and Seattle, and her work has sold worldwide.

Georgia has lived in the UK, Australia and New Zealand; she is currently based in Seattle, Washington, USA.


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Faracy Moon Grouse

Faracy Moon Grouse is an artist originally from Minneapolis, USA via Spain and England. Her paintings show clear influences of Native American art and the Eastern European culture of her Ukrainian and Lithuanian heritage. Her subjects come from a range of cultures; from Celtic, Norse or Japanese mythology and Islamic or Christian saints.

Her work is bold, surreal and feminine, weaving together organic forms with illuminated colour; sometimes dark, at other times, light and playful. Faracy has produced performance pieces including embodying deities as a form of performance ritual.

In 2017, Faracy founded the art collective My Mother is an Artist, celebrating women with children in the arts. She is based in Edinburgh, UK.


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Neil Arthur James aka Dandy Darkly

During lock-down, Neil has dealt with not performing by creating, entirely from rubbish, The Two-Plys of Coronet County, a children's puppet soap opera set in a world where the rubbish literally takes over as humans are shut inside. As ever, Neil is on point with topical themes and recent anxieties, but finds humour and warmth in the situations and empathy and pathos with the characters.


You can now watch The Two Plys of Coronet County by clicking here.




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